March 29, 2016

CathCon Daily - 3/29/2016

Mosengel - Dorf in the Alps

Georgia Governor Caves to Big Business - Ryan T. Anderson, Daily Signal

Clinton Lets You Choose Your Gender But Not Much Else - Peter Johnson, The Federalist

North Carolina Unveils Innovative Approach to Remediation - Stephanie Keaveney, Pope Center

Trump Gets Asked Real Questions By A Media Interviewer - Federalist Staff

Telling Us to be "Rational" is "Oppressive" - Katherine Timpf, NRO

Trump Defector Parts Curtain on the Donald - John Fund, NRO

An Originalist Critique of the Court’s Free Speech Tradition - William Haun, Public Discourse

The Art of National Suicide - V.D. Hanson, NRO

A Teacher’s First Encounter with Gay Activism - Tom McLaughlin, Crisis

Socrates on the Founding & Degeneration of Cities - Eva Brann, Imaginative Conservative

The Sun Belt is Rising Again - Joel Kotkin, New Geography

After Seattle Raised Its Minimum Wage, I Still Can’t Find A Job - Mitch Hall, The Federalist

Mike Rowe: ‘Free’ College Is A Myth That Smears Trade Schools - Bre Payton, The Federalist

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