March 30, 2016

CathCon Daily - 3/30/2016

Weymouth Bay - John Constable

The Biggest Abuse of the False Claims Act Ever - Ilya Shapiro, Cato

Niskanen and Welfare Policy - Will Wilkinson, Niskanen

A Kirkian Renaissance - H. Lee Cheek, Jr., Liberty Law Blog

How Liberal Policies Destroyed Black Families - Crystal Wright, Daily Signal

A Prescription for Religious Liberty - Ed Whelan, NRO

Lifetime Marijuana Use Correlated With Troubled Middle Age - Alexandra Ossola, Popular Science

Things That Can't Change - George Weigel, First Things

Jail v. Execution - Steve Kellmeyer, New Reform Club

Walker Percy’s Last Self-Help Book - Peter Augustine Lawler, NRO

If Adjuncts Are Treated Unfairly, Is There a Solution? - George Leef, Pope Center

State Department Loses Another Round in Clinton Email Fiasco - Hans von Spakovsky, Daily Signal

Tolkien & Anglo-Saxon England - Bradley J. Birzer, Imaginative Conservative

Ethical Dangers--or Benefits?--of New Technology - Daniel Ross Goodman, Public Discourse

The State: From God, or the Devil? - Bruce Frohnen, Crisis

Left Panics Over Commonsense N.C. Bill - Jane Clark Scharl, NRO

The Constitution of Habeas Corpus - Bruce Frohnen, Nomocracy in Politics

Who Said it? Sanger or Rand? - John Ellis, PJ Media

The Citizen's Share - Jack Quirk, Distributist Review

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