April 1, 2016

CathCon Daily - 4/1/2016

Albert Rieger - Gebirgsbach

Reform Party Revenge - David Marcus, City Journal

A Break with Orthodoxy - Judith Miller, City Journal

Trump is No Pro-Lifer - Robert George, First Things

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”: Faith Triumphant - Sean Fitzpatrick, Imaginative Conservative

Birth of a Tyrant: The Dreams of the Mob - Christopher Morrissey, Imaginative Conservative

Cruel and Unusual - Theodore Dalrymple, Liberty Law Blog

New “LGBT Rights” in International Human Rights Law - Weber & Lin, Public Discourse

Mississippi Turns Back to Firing Squads - Charles C.W. Cooke, NRO

Asceticism: The Alternative to “Hope and Change” - Timothy D. Lusch, Crisis

Euthanasia by Organ Harvesting - Wesley J. Smith, First Things

Sorry State of Free Speech at Harvard Law School - Ed Whelan, NRO

Many College Students Never Learn to Write Sentences - John G. Maguire, Pope Center

Understanding Realpolitik - William Anthony Hay, Liberty Law Blog

Sovereign Debt Crises, Justice, and State Authority - Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse

The Plea Of The Little Sisters - Richard A. Epstein, The Federalist

Equality Run Amok—Women’s Soccer Version - Roger Pilon, Cato

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