April 2, 2016

CathCon Saturday - 4/2/2016

Alice Stoddard - Monhegan Island Harbor

The Clash of Philosophies - Leon Aron, AEI

The Tempering of Democracy - David T. Koyzis, First Things

Nathan Deal: A Profile in Cowardice - Michael Avramovich, Touchstone

Making Progress: Dehumanizing Humanity - Michael Quinlan, Imaginative Conservative

Towards Tyranny: Why America Needs God - T. Renee Kozinski, Imaginative Conservative

Anti-Bullying: Can the Schools be Trusted? - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

Progressivism's Dark Side - George J. Marlin, The Catholic Thing

A Literary Guide To Our Orwellian Nightmare - Marc Fitch, The Federalist

Mississippi Moves to Protect Religious Freedom on Marriage - Ryan J. Anderson, Daily Signal

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