August 1, 2016

CathCon Daily - 8/1/2016

A Little More than Kin and Less than Kind - David Whelan, Imaginative Conservative

Law Abidingness: A Virtue and Its Limits - Bruce Frohnen, Nomocracy in Politics

The Habsburgs, a Reconsideration - William Anthony Hay, The University Bookman

The Quicksand of Research - Dwight Longenecker, Imaginative Conservative

Trump's Race to the Bottom - David French, NRO

Modern Progressives as the New Iconoclasts - John O. McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

Carson Holloway’s Recovery of a Nobler Debate - Paul O. Carrese, Public Discourse

In Search of a Resurrection - Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

A Look Inside 4 Important Goals of the LGBT Movement - Kelsey Harkness, Daily Signal

Egalitarianism, American Style - Bruce Frohnen, Imaginative Conservative

Mind-Reading and the Rule of Law - Theodore Dalrymple, Liberty Law Blog

Hillary Clinton Is A Big Fat Hypocrite On Women’s Rights - Veronica Lyter, The Federalist

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