August 2, 2016

CathCon Daily - 8/2/2016

What Does Golf Have to Do with Education? - Glenn Arbery, Imaginative Conservative

The Sacraments Don't Need Fixing - Dan Hitchens, First Things

Work Requirements for Food Stamp Recipients - Nathan Mateer, Daily Signal

Transgender...Advocacy Could Point to End of Women’s Sports - Melody Wood, Daily Signal

You're Hired But We Hate You - Carol Iannone, NRO

Monuments to Idiocy - John Tierney, City Journal

Does French Culture Have a Future? - Pierre Manent, First Things

Understand the Enemy as He Understands Himself - Remi Brague, First Things

Updates on Michigan's Women-Only Lounge - Mark Perry, AEI

Media Policy and Government Failure - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

President Obama’s Sex-Driven War on Science - Gerard V. Bradley, Public Discourse

Early Data Undermine Minimum Wage Romanticism - American Interest

Thou Art Peter - James V. Schall, The Catholic Thing

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