August 23, 2016

CathCon Daily - 8/23/2016

Gravitational Waves and the Universe - Dan Hoak, Aeon

Special Report on Sexuality and Gender - Meyer & McHugh, New Atlantis

153 Conservative Academics Come Out Of The Closet - Joseph Larsen, The Federalist

Pre-K’s Dangerous Tradeoffs - Max Eden, City Journal

Sense and Nonsense on Transgender Ruling - Jonathan Adler, NRO

“It’s Your Fault I Killed" - Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal

The War on Charters Escalates - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest

A Rebel Against Rebellion - Richard Cocks, University Bookman

The Coming Free Speech Apocalypse - Daniel Payne, The Federalist

Congress and Funding of Junk Science - Miller & Stier, NRO

Why Relativism is Wrong - Roger Kimball, New Criterion

Two Letters on our Moral Inversions - Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

The Violent Assault Upon Imagination - Marion Montgomery, Imaginative Conservative

Principled Dissent vs. the Lesser Evil - John B. Londregan, Public Discourse

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