August 23, 2016

Time to Park It

Dear Readers:

Over the past six years or so, both here and on The Big Pulpit / God and Caesar blog (here), I have been reading and posting interesting links. Here, as well, I have posted the occasional independent thoughts, which have been often well-received. Yet, lately, having taken on a job as an adjunct law professor, and being very busy with my law life (and writing a small, semi-comedic book, still in writing-phase), I have had little time to even read the links I am posting. That has defeated part of the purpose of this blog, although I can say that I always post links of interest, from sources I trust. However, I simply lack the time, at this point, to continue doing this blog, and giving it the time it deserves. So, while I will leave it up, at the goodwill (so to speak) of Google, which provides this space free of charge, I will no longer be updating it - at least for the foreseeable future. Perhaps in a few years, when my life has more settled, and I feel up to it, I will return to the project.

So for now, thank you, God Bless, good reading, good thinking....


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