September 30, 2015

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September 29, 2015

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September 28, 2015

September 27, 2015

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September 25, 2015

Fisking the Hoya

[I]t is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing. - Macbeth V, 5

Definition and Apology: "Fisking"is a semi-official term for what I am up to below. Also, my apologies for the Shakespeare quote, as it's taken out of context. Still and yet, it seems so apropos.

Today, Georgetown University students Garrett Hinck ("H") and Joseph Laposata ("L") published an article in the Georgetown Hoya - the self-proclaimed "oldest and largest student newspaper of Georgetown University, serving as the [Jesuit] university’s newspaper of record since 1920." The title of the article: "Doing Good Without God." In it, they take up the atheist suspicion that someone, somewhere, thinks that atheists are asleep at the Pope Francis switch. At the bottom, the Hoya graciously invites the reader to "Write a letter to the editor" in the event that said reader has a "reaction." I've gone one better...I've written a blog post in response.

(Fisking to follow - my comments in red)

As a result of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, including Washington, D.C., Georgetown’s Catholic community is abuzz with excitement and praise for the pontiff. It doesn’t take much more than a glance at one’s Facebook feed to know that people are excited to see a pope who is changing the focus of the church to issues such as poverty, climate change and humanitarian crises, which many argue should have been the primary focuses of the church all along. [One has this sneaking suspicion that those that go about yakking about the exciting "new" focus of the Church haven't really been doing their homework.] This new pope helps attract a younger generation that is less inculcated in Catholic thought and more focused on social progressivism than previous generations. [The "new" Pope is the "old" Pope is the older "Pope." L&H are showing themselves to be members of that part of the Progressive movement which parrots whatever the New York Times sees fit to print.] For this, we applaud Pope Francis. ["The Pope was asked about the thunderous applause of L&H, and replied, 'Who?'"]

However, for those who are newly interested in the Catholic Church because of the message of this progressive pontiff, we’d like to highlight one key point[, "lest anyone who is paying attention forget"]: the Catholic Church does not own being good, nor does any faith. Being a good person ["which we do not define here"] is a universal principle that lies outside of religious doctrine. ["We will also steadfastly refuse to define 'good' further (except by example), and refuse to differentiate between 'being good' and 'acting good,' because, contrary to even pre-Christian philosophers such as Aristotle, there is no such distinction."]

While it is laudable that the pope, with the megaphone that he has, would call upon the nations of Europe to welcome refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East into their countries, homes and parishes, many leaders in Europe have also called for countries to accept refugees. Notably, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Fran├žois Hollande have led their nations to accept more refugees on explicitly moral grounds.  [False dichotomy alert! What, if they're a leader (like the Pope or Merkel or Hollande) calling for refugees, they cannot be acting pursuant to Christian principles as well? Sounds like someone is committed to such a strict separation of Church and State that the idea that a leader could be Christian and acting in that way in making calls to care for the immigrant is utterly foreign.] Hospitality is an ancient custom that predates the Catholic Church [many things "predate" the Catholic Church, nor has the Church claimed exclusive rights to "hospitality"] and the people and countries taking in refugees are not necessarily [Ah hah! Backing away from the dichotomy already, are we?] doing so because God or the church told them.

Likewise, on the issue of climate change, environmental activists have been trying to frame global climate change as a moral issue for years, and the pope’s words of action are helpful and appreciated. [The Church has been framing it as a moral issue for years too. See, for instance, "Octogesima Adveniens" from 1971: "Man is suddenly becoming aware that by an ill-considered exploitation of nature he risks destroying it and becoming in his turn the victim of this degradation.”] That said, to assume that the only reason that one should care for the environment is in order to be a better Catholic is to ignore the work of those most dedicated to this cause. This last sentence is meaningless. It sets up a massive straw man - WHO is it that is assuming that the only reason one should care for the environment is to be a better Catholic? - and then knocks it down with a non sequitur. Is there some poll of people which indicates that "75% of Catholics working on environmental issues do so in order to avoid mortal sin?" And then, those Catholics turn around and proceed to dismiss non-Catholics works on the environment as...what...non-Catholic? 

Imagine that a leading atheist such as Richard Dawkins or Bill Maher called for the exact same things that the pope has and was able to reach the same amount of people. It does not take a particularly bright mind to realize that he would be given much less credence, almost exclusively because of his religious preference. [ if Dawkins or Maher agree with what the Pope says, the individual who, in one breath is cheering the Pope, turns around and thinks, "Well, wait a minute. Now Maher agrees with me and the I don't believe it at all...because Maher doesn't believe it for the right reasons. Incredibly ridiculous.] And yet the substance of his proposal would remain the same. In its own way, this is a kind of discrimination. [Yes - this is discrimination by a strawman. It's difficult, because, I mean, who would one sue for this? A wheat field? Oppression by crops!] Atheists the world over, including here in the United States, are distrusted and believed to be immoral because most people believe that morality is inextricably linked with religious thought. 

This ostensible religious monopoly on morality has real world consequences. According to the Pew Foundation, only 41 percent of Americans view atheists positively. Only 45 percent would even consider voting for a qualified atheist for public office. Fewer people would be comfortable with their son or daughter marrying an atheist than a person with any other faith, knowing nothing else about the person. Perhaps this is because some atheists go about proclaiming themselves as more intelligent and more moral than Christians, which tends not to produce loving responses from Christians. For instance, this Pew Poll noted that on the "warm and fuzzy" 0 - 100 scale, Evangelical Christians see atheists at about a 25 - consonant with their view of atheists as L&H - and atheists see Evangelical Christians at a 28. I would be interested in seeing how many atheists would (honestly) support an outspoken Evangelical Christian qualified candidate for public office. 

People seem to believe that atheists are nihilists or that they have rejected the moral foundations of our society. [Many famous atheists have done so. Are they not to be included in your group? Why not?]  This is simply not the case. [Unless one is reading Nietzsche, for instance.] Of the 16 percent of Americans who do not profess any religious belief, at least 5 percent are self-identified atheists, which equals about 15.8 million people.  These are law-abiding Americans who find their moral centers in philosophy, societal norms and common human decency. [A massive leap in logic, claiming that all 15.8 million atheists are "law-abiding American" with certain traits. Really? Many Christians wouldn't make that claim for ALL of their fellow Christians. Who is being dishonest and broad-brushed here?] But because religious groups are credited with exclusive moral authority, most Americans would deny them basic rights. Basic rights? Really? Thank goodness someone realized that I, as a Catholic, am out to deny you food, water, breath, LIFE, the right to vote, etc. This sentence might be the most nonsensical in the entire post, though it clearly doesn't lack for competition.

We, as Georgetown students, respect Pope Francis because he advocates on behalf of our fellow man for the least among us and the most in need. These are common moral principles that people of all faiths or none can embrace. We ask that nonreligious people be given the same right to a judgment of character as religious people — not immediately labeled as amoral nihilists. Every person is much more complicated than his religious affiliation and condemning him based on a single belief misses who he really is. As Pope Francis himself said, “Who am I to judge?”

I am waiting for the day when "Brights," themselves extend the same judgment to Christians. 

I am not holding my breath.

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September 24, 2015

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September 23, 2015

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September 22, 2015

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September 21, 2015

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September 20, 2015

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September 16, 2015

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September 15, 2015

Civil Asset Forfeiture - A Reply to Rachel Alexander at The Stream...

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. 
- U.S. Constitution, Amendment IV

No person shall be ...deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
- U.S. Constitution, Amendment V

This provision seems indispensable to the full enjoyment of the rights of personal security, personal liberty, and private property. It is little more. than the affirmance of a great constitutional doctrine of the common law. 
- Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, Amendment IV

      At the interesting new website "The Stream," author Rachel Alexander (founder of Intellectual Conservative and author of pieces in other places, as well) pens a blog answering the question "Does Civil Asset Forfeiture Really Go Too Far?" In doing so, I think Alexander does not address the broader issues at stake in civil asset forfeiture and reform, therefore and should take more into consideration in the analysis.

      Part of what John Duffy has called "virtues of conversation"is, I believe, taking the other person seriously, as an independent thinking agent. Part of that virtue, when writing a response such as this, is to attempt to understand and accurately summarize the other's argument. Therefore, I take Alexander's attempt to answer the question as follows:
  1. Civil asset forfeiture consists of seizure of property without (necessarily) charging anyone with a crime, when the property is suspected of being part of some illegal activity, thus preventing its further use in criminal activity.
  2. Civil asset forfeiture is legal, as it has been upheld by the Supreme Court.
  3. The ACLU believes that asset forfeiture has been abused, and presents two cases for consideration, but those cases are only two examples, and not good ones, of mistakes.
  4. While seized assets are often used to fund police departments and other agencies, organizations like the ACLU and Cato go too far in hinting that this is profiteering on the part of such agencies.
  5. Oklahoma counties seized $4 million in cash from 114 people in a five-year span, providing the basis for the ACLU's complaints; however, the ACLU provides only two examples, which aren't good enough, especially since they are not calling for a criminal investigation in OK.
  6. While there are ways to rein in abuses, such as limiting how seized property may be used, improving privacy requirements, and improving transparency, bills such as that proposed by OK Sen. Kyle Loveless go too far in requiring a criminal conviction.
  7. This problem is not as serious as Loveless, Cato, the ACLU or other proponents of criminal convictions claim, because they have failed to support their claims with appropriate evidence.

If this summary is inaccurate, I hope that Alexander or any of my readers will take the time to let me know, so I can revise it, and any other parts of this reply.

First, I think Alexander should expand her view to deal with the entirety of the problems asserted concerning abuse of civil asset forfeiture. Many of the proponents of reform indeed point to lack of criminal charges, but  this is also as a symptom of abuse, rather than a root problem. For instance, I doubt that many reform proponents would contest Bernard Madoff's civil forfeiture of assets. However, proponents become concerned when the government proceeds to people that had dubious connection to the criminal activity. Reformers become even more concerned when civil forfeiture is claimed in cases far exceeding the actual harm, or simply based upon the idea that the amount of money on a person ispo facto indicates the likelihood of a drug deal. When Alexander accuses the ACLU, Cato, etc. of failing to provide enough evidence that civil asset forfeiture is abused due to lack of conviction, she may be correct in this limited view, but she does not appear to have taken steps to review the totality of claims of reformers, nor the idea that laws may be unjust even if only one person has ever been ensnared by them. For instance, the Institute for Justice, here, gives a very good overview and in-depth discussion of the issues they perceive with civil asset forfeiture.

Second, and relatedly, I think Alexander needs to grapple with the question of why requiring criminal charges to be filed is a bad idea? She believes the reformers show a lack of evidence, of bad faith ("the ACLU seems to be insinuating that the police must be corrupt and greedy"), of lack of logic and hidden agenda ("It is telling that the ACLU never provides this full explanation"), and of being hasty ("premature to change the law to require criminal convictions in order to seize property"). However, all of these fail to deal with the reformers' issues concerning seizure of property from the truly innocent, and the difficulties those innocent individuals experience in attempting to recover their property. 

In the end, Alexander seems to have no real argument against civil asset forfeiture reform, nor in favor of it.  She needs to address the larger issues at stake in order for her discussion to have more force and be more convincing to those arguing in favor of reform.

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