September 28, 2015

CathCon Daily - 9/28/2015

Manliness: Proving Darwin Wrong - Peter Lawler, Imaginative Conservative

The Left’s Caricature of Conservatism -Bruce Frohnen, Imaginative Conservative

‘Born This Way’ Is No Excuse For Pedophiles - Mytheos Holt, The Federalist

Why You Should Keep Thanking Veterans For Their Service - Peter Burfeind, The Federalist

Planned Parenthood For Birth Control, But They Pushed Abortion - Sarah Owens, The Federalist

Hot Tamales, Femme Fetales, Etc. - Jay Nordlinger, NRO

Close Reading in the Classroom - Andrew Ladd, First Things

Bill Nye the Science Guy Kills His Brain to Promote a Lie - Tom Riley, Crisis

When Political Punditry Was Born - James Panero, City Journal

Climate Change Debate - Four Books - Lynne's Likes

Religious Liberty...[and] Constitutional Rights of Others - Billy Hallowell, The Blaze

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